“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

        Contrary to popular (cultural) belief here in America, homebirth is a great option for many low-risk women. The Midwives Model of Care (MMOC)* is firmly rooted in the foundation that pregnancy and birth are normal life processes, which includes monitoring not only the mother’s physical well-being, but her social and emotional growth and development throughout her childbearing years as well.

       Mandi Call, CPM is a midwife serving metro Atlanta and surrounding areas. She has been involved in birth work since November 2008 and completed her requirements from NARM in August 2012 to become a Certified Professional Midwife after years of didactics and apprenticeship training under a midwife in practice for over 20 years. She has gained much wisdom and insight from her preceptors and fellow midwives, though in this field, learning and gaining further knowledge and experience is a life-long pursuit. It is an honor to serve women and their families and considered one of the greatest blessings and passions in her life, aside from raising her four children with the wonderful companionship of her husband and soul mate.





Serving Metro Atlanta Families in their birthing journey

“The biological sciences represent a mirror in which we look for a reflection of ourselves. Today that mirror is brilliantly polished, but it is broken into thousands of pieces. Experts who know so much about tiny pieces of the fragmented mirror are unable to see the way it links with the other pieces that make up the whole. [Our objective is to establish links between all these tiny pieces.]”

-Michel Odent, The Scientification of Love